Holistic Course Module Designed to Empower

Harness the combined power of science, technology, art, and mathematics in Futurum Academy’s course module. Experience a learning curve tailored to fit every child’s pace, celebrating every milestone, from novelties to expertise.

Our course modules are designed based on our unique STEAM Education framework. Students are expected to learn multi-disciplinary skills of the future through robotics, coding, and 3D modelling design.

We will progressively equip student from the beginner stage to the advance stage as they mature in their skillsets.

We also hold regular international competitions for our top students to support their flourishment on the world stage.

AI Coding
(Computational Thinking)

Experience one of the best coding classes Singapore offers, focusing on artificial intelligence and computational strategies.

3D Design
(Innovation & Creativity)

Empower your child’s innate artistry, teaching them to craft in three dimensions, readying them for tomorrow’s design challenges.

(Engineering Design Process)

A hands-on approach to robotics in Singapore, teaching students the intricacies of engineering, and design through practical challenges.

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