VEX – Global Competition & Curriculum

Futurum Academy is the premier institution for VEX Robotics classes in Southeast Asia, offering a unique platform for STEAM / STEM education in Singapore.

VEX Robotics is not just any educational platform; it holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest robotics competition. Designed to be accessible, VEX Robotics covers a comprehensive range of educational levels, making it a versatile choice for both formal and informal robotics classes for kids.

At Futurum Academy, our VEX Robotics curriculum goes beyond traditional science and engineering principles. We emphasise creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills, in line with our broader vision for STEAM / STEM education. Through hands-on and minds-on learning experiences, VEX Robotics inspires students to engage deeply in technology and design thinking.

In addition, VEX Robotics serves as a vital tool in our coding classes, helping students cultivate problem-solving abilities and advanced computational thinking skills. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced coder, our Singapore-based robotics and coding classes are tailored to challenge and excite young minds.

About Tinkamo

Tinkamo is an education technology company that empowers kids with new technologies to discover and reimagine the world.

Tinkamo believe that information technology and artificial intelligence will deeply reform the society. Our kids should be introduced to hands-on coding, computational thinking and gain creative confidence in the early age so they will become creators instead of consumers of technologies for a better future.

With this vision, we started Tinkamo, a company for our digital and AI native kids. Creativity rules.

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