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Futurum Academy is a school dedicated to cultivate multidimensional and collaborative critical thinking among youths.

Our curriculum is anchored on computational thinking, intergrating various disciplines such as coding, digital art, 3D design and printing, and engineering design to equip our students with the best knowledge, skills, and abilities to be future ready.

We believe that our cutting-edge STEAM education, combined with progressive curriculum and innovative practices, will benefit all our students.

Our STEAM-Powered Mission

We aim to transform the future through technology, grooming talents to become change-makers in an interconnected world. Our STEAM education—spanning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics—is designed to cultivate multidimensional critical thinking skills.

Our Global Vision for STEAM Education

Positioned to be a global evangelist in STEAM education, Futurum Academy’s goal is to establish over 1,000 schools and mentor more than 500,000 students worldwide.

Core Values that Drive Us

We believe in continuous improvement, lifelong learning, problem-solving, embracing change, and the harmonious blend of theory and practice.

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