Robotics (Engineering Design Process)

Futurum Academy champions a STEAM-driven approach, providing a platform for kids in Singapore to delve into robotics, grasp the engineering design process, and shine in a technology-centric world.

Understanding Robotics: More Than Just Machines

Curious about what is a Robotics class at Futurum? It’s where young minds meet innovation, leveraging STEAM to solve real-world challenges and shape the tech landscape.

AI Coding
(Computational Thinking)

Experience one of the best coding classes Singapore offers, focusing on artificial intelligence and computational strategies.

3D Design
(Innovation & Creativity)

Empower your child’s innate artistry, teaching them to craft in three dimensions, readying them for tomorrow’s design challenges.

(Engineering Design Process)

A hands-on approach to robotics in Singapore, teaching students the intricacies of engineering, and design through practical challenges.

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